What is your current TAT (turn around time)?

All orders print on demand. Regular DTF ships within 3-5 business days and UV DTF will ship within 5-7 business days. If you combine Regular DTF with UV DTF in the same order, they will ship in 5-7 business days. Please remember that "business days" means it does not include weekends or holidays. Your TAT begins the first business day after your order is placed. For example, if you order on Friday, your first business day is the following Monday (as long as it is not a holiday). TAT does not include shipping time, only the time until we have it printed, packed, and to the carrier. Your actual shipping time will depend on the carrier you chose and is out of our control. Choose wisely depending on how fast you need your order.

We have a rush order fee item listed should you need your order quicker: https://www.threadedtransfers.com/products/rush-order-fee-tat-1-2-business-days. Only orders that have paid the rush order fee will have a different TAT. 

*Please be aware that due to the volume of sales and customs, support will not be replying to emails asking about when your order will ship as long as it is still within TAT. Our TAT can be found in multiple places for easy counting. It is your responsibility to plan accordingly.


Can we use your mockups?

Absolutely! The best way to gauge interest is with a photo. Our only request is that you please add your own watermark/logo to the photo. 

Why do the colors vary from what I see on the monitor?

Due to the many variations in monitors, browsers and color modes, colors may appear different on the monitor than in person on a transfer. Mockups are created in RGB, but prints are printed in CMYK. We cannot guarantee that a color in the mockup will print exactly the same on your transfer. Color on the transfers your receive do not change when pressed. What you see on the transfer itself is what you will see on your shirt. 

 How do you ship and what is the cost?

Our DTF transfers are rolled as a gang sheet and rubber banded together in a poster box. Our sublimations prints, if order alone, are sent in a plastic bag in a rigid mailer. If your order DTF and sublimation together, they will be shipped together rolled in the poster box. Shipping is calculated based on weight and location according to the service you choose at check out. We offer both USPS and UPS. 

Can I add a print to my previous order?

Unfortunately, due to the print on demand process for DTF transfers, this would only be possible on the same day it was ordered. If you missed a print in your order, please email us immediately. All orders are placed into the printing queue each evening in order to stay within our stated TAT or earlier. Once your order has been placed in the printing queue, it is officially in production and cannot be altered. Please understand that this is the process and our priority is to get all orders printed on time and out to you quickly.

I CHOSE to turn off Route insurance when I made my purchase. My order is stuck and not moving in USPS/UPS. What do I do?

Please understand we do not have any control over the carriers. USPS no longer requires scans at every stop and will not always scan more than the first and last stop. If your order has not shown in 10 Business Days (weekends and holidays do not count), without Route insurance, it is your responsibility to handle this issue with the carriers that lost your package in order for the insurance to be paid to you directly. For USPS, we suggest first filing a missing mail form on their website. This alerts the post office to look for the package and locate it. Most times they find it and get the order moving. If they cannot find it, you will be able to file a claim for a refund as the carriers insure up to $100. They will provide you with a refund for the products minus the shipping. UPS has their own forms as well. 

My order says “delivered” according to tracking but I cannot find it... or my order arrived with a damaged box/mailer. What can I do? 

Your options will depend on the carrier and if you kept Route insurance:

If you purchased Route insurance you are in luck. You made an incredibly smart choice to fully protect your package. You can contact Route Insurance to make your claim: https://claims.route.com/. It takes two minutes and they will ask for some information on what happened and how you want it resolved. If they agree there was an issue, they will either give you a refund or allow you to reorder replacements. We can’t express enough that this is ALWAYS the best choice. Route is fast and easy to make a claim and have your back. Please utilize this feature! 

If you purchased USPS ground advantage or priority mail, your package is insured up to $100 through USPS. You will need to use their website, www.Usps.com to file an insurance claim. Shipping is non-refundable. 

If you chose UPS, your order is automatically insured as well. You will need to use their website to file your claim. Shipping is non-refundable. 

How do I track my package?

You will always receive a tracking email with your tracking when your item is labeled for shipping.  All tracking numbers can also be found in your customer account.

May I purchase your catalog transfers to resell or destash for profit?

We prohibit buying from our catalog prints with the intent to “flip” transfers (immediately turning around and reselling them for profit). Our prints are exclusive to us as designers or from the licenses we own from other designers. This does not give you the license to sell them as such. All purchases of our cataog transfers must be used to create items such as shirts, pants, bags, blankets, pillow, etc. Destashing of prints currently being sold is prohibited as that is the same thing as flipping. We reserve the right to to deny continued business with anyone found reselling or destashing our products that we currently sell. You will be removed from our facebook group and any future sales will be refunded. 

 I have a missing/incorrect transfer, what do I do?

We do apologize if this happens! Errors, while rare, can happen. Email us within TWO days of receiving your package so this can be fixed ASAP.  Please email info@threadedtransfers.com

What is your Return Policy?


For CUSTOM ORDERS, all sales are final. 

For CATALOG PRINTS, if you receive a defective item (ripped, missing ink), please email info@threadedtransfers.com describing the defect in the product within 2 business days of delivery. Be sure to include your order number and upload an image of the defective item in your email. We will reply to your request within 1-2 business days. If we find the item to be defective, a replacement will be put into the printing queue. Please note we cannot replace or refund once you have pressed a print. Check your prints before pressing. Be sure your temperature and pressure settings are correct before pressing. An issue with not adhering is not a defect, but a pressing issue due to lack of heat or pressure. You will need to problem solve and repress. 

If your item was damaged by USPS or UPS, reimbursement or replacements will be based on insurance. Please read above for how file claims.

**Cancellations can only be made the day the order was received due to the print on demand process. Should you choose to cancel your order on the same day it was place, a 20% restocking will be subtracted from your refund. If you request a cancellation any day AFTER the order was placed, it is already in the print process and our restocking fee of 20% will increase 5% more each day. Please keep in mind our turn around time. You cannot cancel an order the day it is shipping.