Pressing Instructions

How to apply our DTF Transfers:

  • 295 degrees
  • Pre press for 7 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture
  • Lay down the transfer with the ink facing the material
  • Press for 10-12 seconds; Applying heavy pressure. Let it completely cool. 
  • If the transfer does not stick, put the transfer paper back down and press for a few more seconds. This can happen if your press is not giving even heat and pressure. 
  • Put shirt back on press, cover design with teflon or parchment paper, and press again for 10-12 seconds. Remove paper. 

**** PLEASE NOTE: If you order more than four DTF transfers, they will be sent in a roll in a poster box. You will need to cut your prints from the roll. This allows us to stay within a fast turn around time and keep costs competitive for you. If you order oversized prints (12+ inches), they will be shipped rolled in a poster box for their safety no matter how many are purchased. 

How to apply our UV DTF Transfers:

Application Instructions for Perfect Finish!


They can be applied to the following: glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, wood, leather, paper, and cardboard.

1. Prepare your surface by cleaning it with alcohol and allowing it to dry. 

2. Use your hands and apply pressure over the print to be sure the print is adhering to the transfer film.

3. Cut your UV DTF transfer and peel from the white backing. If the transfer isn’t adhering to the clear film set the film back down and press over the print with your fingers with a little pressure. If you rip the clear film off without all pieces of the design connected to the transfer film you will not be able to place it properly back on the film.

2. Identify where you want to place the transfer. Lightly place the transfer on the cup ensuring the design is straight and positioned correctly.

**Remember the adhesive is strong! Once the transfer touches the glass it is very difficult to remove.

3. Press the transfer down, working from the center outwards, pushing out any bubbles. It helps to use a tool like an old credit card to reduce bubbles and avoid wrinkles.

4. Rub all over the design with your fingers or tool. The more rubbing the better.

5. Peel clear the film off very slowly and you're done! If you peel and the transfer is coming off with the clear transfer film then press back down and apply more pressure all over the transfer before peeling again. 

Hand wash only.  We do not advise to put in a dishwasher. DO NOT MICROWAVE!

***UV DTF wraps are long-lasting and durable permanent stickers that have excellent color retention and resistance to chipping. However, durability and adhesion are affected by application. We are not responsible for application mishaps. Therefore, we cannot provide any warranties or guarantees as it is dependent on the applicator. 

*Please note:  Not all brands of glass cups have the exact same measurements. They can differ by a couple of millimeters. Our wraps have been measured to fit Libbey glass cans. Adjustments may be necessary*

How to apply our Sublimation Transfers:

  • Set temperature to 400 degrees
  • Pre-press your garment for 3-5 seconds
  • When pressing on a shirt, place parchment paper between the shirt first to avoid dye migration.
  • Put the transfer facing down
  • Cover with parchment paper
  • Set your press at medium pressure.
  • Press for 45-60 seconds

Sublimation does not use white ink so anything that appears to be white in the design will press the same color as the product you are pressing it on.

Sublimation transfers require a material that is at least 50% polyester and you will need a heat press to apply the transfer. The higher the count the brighter the image will be.